Distribution of Early Mormon Emigrants

“One of the key strategies used by the Mormons was to distribute the newest emigrants widely throughout society. This was often done by church leaders identifying a broad range of existing settlements where newcomers would settle. As mentioned earlier, when settlements were established, some lots were left vacant to allow new settlers to move into a community on equal footing with prior settlers in that community.117 In this way, entire settlements would share the pain of integrating newcomers. A second strategy was to incorporate new settlers into a party founding a new settlement. These parties included people with a broad range of skills, which the church had deemed necessary to fulfill its proscribed purpose to found a particular settlement. As mentioned, in each of these settlements the Plat of Zion was used to determine the community’s spatial layout, and land parcels were distributed most frequently on a lottery system. Thus, there were really no slums in nineteenth-century Mormon settlements. People were mixed in society in a way that allowed most people the opportunity to build up the skills necessary to participate fairly self-sufficiently.”  (Brigham Daniels, p.18 “Revitalizing Zion”)


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